We proudly present Beauté Botanique, our ultra lush, high performance organic skincare line, born from our natural and holistic approach of beauty! We wish to inspire you to care for yourself in a gentle but truly effective way while transforming your daily beauty routine into a spa like ritual filled with serenity.     Visible improvement is our goal and for this we have thoroughly researched and carefully selected the best botanical ingredients, medicinal herbs and therapeutic grade essential oils of the highest quality to handcraft in small, always fresh, batches the delicious products of our collection.     The remarquably good results of our products are achieved through all natural, highly concentrated formulas, made with the very best nature has to offer, paying special attention in creating silky, dreamy textures and delicate natural scents with no artificial additives and absolutely no fillers.      You only get the ultimate best for your skin! Highly bio-available treasures of the Mediterranean such as Olive oil, Raw Honey and Royal Jelly, Saffron, Mastic Drops, French Provence Lavender, Italian Neroli, Corsican Helichrysum, Moroccan Argan and Prickly Pear and Damask Roses as well as wild harvested botanicals are widely used in our line along with ingredients showing well proven skin benefits from around the world.      We specialize in face and body elixirs for all skin types, developing innovative, high potency formulas that work wonders! Active botanical facial masks and balms, rich exfoliating scrubs, bath soaks and teas, cellulite treatment, aromatherapeutic hair and massage oils complete our range.       Our products are chemical free, cruelty free and are naturally preserved with plant extracts. They are carefully hand blended with lots of love and attention in our skin care atelier and come to your door always fresh and potent! 

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